Friday, July 14, 2017

An Homage to Growing Older

Honestly, what is more depressing than getting old? When I was 25, aging seemed so far away. I told myself that when I turned 50 I would open a bed and breakfast inn and that would be the way I lived out the rest of my life. alas, I look around at my suburban home and wonder where those years slithered away to. I love my home, don't misunderstand, but still there is an image pressed into my memory of a lovely old country house with plenty of room for guests.
An Homage to Growing Older

Now that I have passed the half-century mark by a couple of years, I have come to realize that I will probably never see a great many things that I thought I would when I was a younger woman. Now mind you, I am not that old, only 52. I still have a good quarter-century ahead of me, and a lot of things can happen in that span of time.
If you take a good look at the lady in this image you will notice that she isn't lamenting the decisions that she made. I raised my children, went to college, tried many career paths with varying degrees of success, yet some how I feel that there was too much squandered time. I wish I could summon up all those wasted moments and do more with them. I need a re-do, Folks!
But the Universe doesn't work that way and I am just going to have to accept that it is what it is. At least I have style to fall back on, and that's something in my book. A stylish lady in her fifties with a level head and a plan for another quarter century of living and loving can accomplish anything she sets out to do.
To all you young chickies out there, take it from an old(er) hen, Make every moment count; live every minute as if you were on fire with desire and a lust for life; know your heart and follow it fully. Growing older isn't a bad thing. In fact, it doesn't feel much different than when I was your age. The true difference is that when you grow older you appreciate time more, now that it's fleeting. 

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