Friday, January 5, 2018

Needing Something That Can't Be Bought

Feeling Slightly Retro

I was too young to have actually worn outfits like these. I would have been around twelve or even younger. In those days, I didn't care much for being fashionable. Today I rediscover the vintage pieces in the thrift stores I haunt, so I pick up an occasional cool sweater. Remember to mix vintage pieces with modern for a trendy look.

Feeling Slightly Retro


Something For Saturday

Posh Night At A Play

Arriving At the Estate

Arriving At the Estate

Every girl needs a dramatic gray wool skirt in her wardrobe. I have several in all cuts, but none are as classic as my flared. The neutral shade works with any color top and matching shoe.

The Perfect Tartan Skirt Capsule

The perfect Tartan Skirt Capsule

Have you ever come across a really great skirt that lends itself to so many possibilities? This fabulous wool Tartan skirt is one that does just that. Note the bright blue, black, and forest green striping in the skirt pops out when paired with the same color top and shoes. Add the perfect leather bag, you only need one, and you could build a mini-capsule with just this set. Amazingly, I found a similar, vintage skirt at a thrift shop for only a few dollars. Fabulous!