Thursday, August 24, 2017

Always Buy Quality

Always Buy Quality

Midnight Blue (Again, the Perfect Tartan)

If you read my previous article regarding a certain tartan skirt that I found while thrifting, then you already know the versatility of such a find. Here I paired it with a deep blue top and accessories. This outfit is casual, yet nice enough that you will look dressed up. The hat is always optional. Not everyone enjoys hats the way I do, and besides, hats are a matter of personal taste.
For those of you who aren't familiar with my blog (yet), I am a professional thrifter, and I truly enjoy searching out clothing that gives the appearance of fine living, yet on a budget. I suppose it is somewhat "The Look for (Way, Way) Less. There is absolutely no way that I will spend big money on clothing. It's just simply too perishable. I put my money into quality accessories, things that are timeless and well made. I would rather have one beautiful, well-made coat than several cheap ones.
The beauty of thrifting clothing is that I find designer pieces for just a few dollars. i am always well dressed and people see that as a sign of wealth and financial security. Choose well Friends and happy thrifting!

Midnight Blue

The Perfect Tartan Skirt Capsule

Have you ever had that moment when you knew you had found the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe? It happened to me a weekend ago when I was scrambling around the racks in my local Goodwill Superstore. I found a skirt that looks so close to the one in this image that they could be identical. Of course you know I didn't pay a fortune for my because it's thrifted. Yup, mine set me back a whole $2,25 because it was also on sale! Score!!!

The perfect Tartan Skirt Capsule

I set up this capsule so that you can get an idea of how I shop when I am putting together a capsule for myself. Three tops with matching shoes and accessories and one really great bag that will work with all the pieces and there you have it, the perfect capsule.
I began with the bright blue because that is the first color that catches my eye in the skirt. The matching shoe is the exact color. Please do not mix your blues. It will be a dreadful mistake that cheapens the whole look. The same goes for the other shoes and accessories. It would be far better to find a neutral, like the black, that works with the skirt, than to try a botched attempt at color matching. Actually, I could have chosen just the black boots and it would have worked fine. Another thing to take into consideration would be to remember quality shoes and accessories are worth the investment if your goal is to look as if you don't shop thrift. Quality doesn't have to be expensive, just not shabby.
Notice that I used only one bag for all the outfits. This one happens to be a quality leather duffel, but it could as easily been a rich leather look satchel or messenger bag. If you shop thrift stores enough you will begin collecting good pieces whenever they can be found. At some point your collection will produce good quality pieces that give the appearance of money, without spending a fortune.
Happy Thrifting, Friends!

Friday, July 14, 2017

How To Wear Yellow

Yellow is such a cheerful color, so full of sunshine and thoughts of warm weather and happiness, but yellow doesn't lend itself to just any one. No, not at all. Yellow is for those of us who have warm skin tones. It just doesn't look as happy on those with cooler tones, in fact yellow can actually make you look unwell.
I am among those blessed to be able to drape myself in most colors of the rainbow, yellow included. There is a secret to it though. I have been known to wear yellow from head to toe without looking as if it is overdone. Yes, there is a sweet little secret to wearing this brilliant hue, and I am sharing it today.
Look at the collection below.

This Is What I Am Wearing Today 7/14/17

Notice That the top is slightly brighter than the pants. When wearing all-over yellow, wear different yet complimentary shades. I recently made a Goodwill haul in which I pounced upon a pair of pale yellow jeans. Immediately I began searching for a complimentary top in a brighter shade. Once my beauties were home, I mixed them with pieces that I already had to pull it all together.
Gold jewelry is also for the warm tones in the skin, so I used simple pieces like hoop earrings and a pendant necklace. I also added a simply styled messenger bag in a caramel colored leather and sunglasses that compliment the bag. I chose simple, yet elegant shoes in cream (although I have white shoes in the image), to finish the set.
This is an actual outfit that I wear, not just something I put together on . I wanted to show everyone that thrift store shopping can be elegant, as well as inexpensive. I believe that the pants and top cost me less than $10. The accessories were also purchased at a thrift store so long ago that I can't recall how much I paid. This stands as a reminder that when Timeless pieces are purchased, they will still be fashionable years from now. Happy thrifting Girls!

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